Why We are the Best?

Work Ethics

Maintaining a set of strong and consistent work ethics has always been important for us, throughout all the 45 years we’re in business.

Materials Quality

Whatever kind of a task we’re currently working at, the materials we use, be it a precious metal or a stainless steel will be premium-grade…

Frontier-grade Equipment

We’re always one step ahead of the competition, maintaining and upgrading our heavy equipment and tools faster, than anyone else in the business!

Full-cycle Approach

We’ve always been providing a full spectrum of steelwork services, starting with shop detailing and finishing with metal constructions erections!

Challenging Portfolio

We were never afraid of taking some challenging orders on… Detailing and fabricating structural steel parts for the One World Trade Center in New York was one of those!

Teamwork Centered

Be it our own team, that consists of hundreds of steelwork pros, or a cooperation with your architect/engineer during the detailing process, we are all about the teamwork!

Tons of Metal Processed

Skilled Staff Members

Years in Business

Steel Industry Awards Won

Management Team

Calvin Fitzgerald

Calvin Fitzgerald

Chairman of the Board

Calvin is company’s founder son, succeeding him successfully and leading our steelwork company towards new achievements and milestones of the 21st century…

Rickey Wilson

Rickey Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

As Calvin’s right hand, Rickey saves his back whenever it comes to managing any kind of strategic or financial decisions that can make a considerable impact…

Josh Wagner

Josh Wagner

Construction Works Supervisor

As the supervisor for our on-site delivery, erection & construction works department, Josh is in big part responsible for a big part of what we do…

Luis Maxwell

Luis Maxwell

Welding Dept. Supervisor

Welding and advanced metals welding are on of those specialty steelwork services that help our company stand out among the competition…

Ken Ferguson

Ken Ferguson

Chief Financial Officer

As a Chief Financial Officer Ken is in charge of overseeing all the expenditures our company does, as well as accounting for all the revenue we have…

Edward Elliott

Edward Elliott

Senior Vice President of Operations

As a senior VP, Edward is basically the next top manager in the company after Rickey Wilson. He is in charge of overseeing all the tactical decisions we make.

Pat Nelson

Pat Nelson

Workshop Detailing Supervisor

With the structural steel detailing being one of our major services, we’re glad that it is such a professional as Pat, who supervises it…

Greg Hughes

Greg Hughes

Fabrication Dept. Supervisor

Greg has been working at our place for more than 40 years. He initially started out as a mechanic in one of our crews and rose to top manager in just under 15 years!

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